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eGenius exams is a product of Signify Technologies. Signify stepped into the world of education with a vision of providing the IT solutions to simplify the examination process. Signify provides innovative IT solutions to business processes of various industries. E-genius is an assessment solutions to Educational Institutions, students, training institutes. At signify, a pool of talented leaders & innovators are constantly researching on making examination process easy and simple. We began with a dream to provide quality support to students and teachers and training institutes.

eGenius Exam offer an integrated suite of software application to conduct online exam, offline lab exam, paper pencil based exam, online-offline question bank , e-commerce & centre management. One of the reknown IT company Signify has always kept quality above everything else. The role of our content department was extended to a full fledged Research and Development Unit, which not only works on the supporting materials but also on teaching and learning efficiency.

The courseware of signify has consistently been witnessing an increasing interest from students all over the world. Our experience in both standardized and non-standardized test preparation areas has ensured a smooth sailing for the students in the most troubled waters.

"Top professionals! They cracked an extremely difficult project involving complex technology. Even though the project turned out to be much more complex than expected, we have never heard a word of complaint from Signify team. Instead they strived harder to accomplish the task. Signify will undoubtedly be our choice number one for any project." -- Anupam Shah, Sandis Tours & Travels